Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations for

Private Social Quarters Operation

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update posted 6/03/2021

Lynchburg Lodge #715


1. All members of the Loyal Order of Moose in good standing will be admitted to this club: and, a qualified guest may be admitted as herein provided.

2. A qualified guest is defined as anyone not a member of the Order; which means they are not a member of the lodge or chapter. A nonmember spouse of a member is a guest. All guests must be signed in, cannot make purchases. and must leave when the member leaves. All guests must wear a form of identification clearly distinguishing that individual as a guest. If the guest is a prospective member, their third visit must be for the purpose of attending an orientation session or an enrollment ceremony.

3. Every member is required to have his/her membership card to be admitted to this club. Remember, no card, no service and you will not be allowed to remain in the club without the card.

4. Members will at all times be responsible for the conduct of their guests.

5. Gentlemanly and ladylike (orderly) conduct is required of all persons in the club at all times.

6. Only qualified members of the Moose will be allowed to bring a bottle into the Social Quarters.

7. Loud, profane, or obscene language will not be tolerated.

8. The Social Club will not be used for civic affairs functions unless prior approval is obtained from the Chief Compliance Officer.

9. The Social Club will be open only during the days and hours as posted by the Board of Officers.

10. It is unlawful for any member(s) to be present in the club during the hours it is closed.

11. The following Dress Code is set forth by the Board of Officers:

A. Shoes must be worn at all times.

B. No Bathing Suits

C. Jeans may be worn as long as they are neat & clean.

D. No tank tops for men.

E. No T-shirts, cutoffs or blouses that expose the midriff for women.

F. No sweat bands.

G. Absolutely no short shorts, cutoff, or skirts that expose any part of the buttocks area.

H. No caps or any article of clothing with obscene language or designs.

12. No person will he permitted to remain in the social quarters who is in violation of the dress code set forth by the Board of Officers.

13. Any member(s), other than a Law Enforcement Officer in the line of duty, having firearms or other lethal weapons on or in his possession in the Lodge, shall be expelled from the Loyal Order of Moose forthwith.

14. When playing electronic pull tab games, ONLY play 1 machine at a time.

15. No coolers or beer may be brought in by members &/or guests.

16. No person in the state of intoxication will be admitted. The Steward is authorized to refuse to serve anyone at anytime.

17. Accepted rules of moral conduct will be observed by all members and their guests.

18. NO outside food or BEVERAGES can be brought into the Social Quarters unless approved by the Board of Officers.

19. Any person(s) violating these rules can be subject to suspension of Social Club privileges until such time as decided by the Board of Officers.

20. There will be a twenty-five ($25.00) fee for all returned checks.