Pilgrm Degree of Merit

Join us in a Service of Tribute Honoring Pilgrim Brother Stephen G. Elder Sr., Saturday, October 2nd, 2021 at 2:00pm.

Members of the Higher Degrees are requested to wear their Higher Degree Regalia. There will be a Social and Dinner following the Service of Tribute.

Stephen G. Elder Sr., 77, of Lynchburg VA., died Thursday, September 2nd, 2021.

Steve originally joined the Lynchburg Moose Lodge 715 and Moose Fraternity February 13, 1991.

Steve was Conferred with the Moose Legion Degree of Service July 1998, and advanced through the Higher Degrees of the Order having been Conferred with the Fellowship Degree of Honor May 2009, and finally achieving the Highest Degree of the Order, The Pilgrim Degree of Merit, being Conferred at the Mooseheart House of God June 5, 2021.

A Valued Veteran of The Moose, Steve obtained his Lifetime Membership in The Moose August 13, 2015.

Steve served seven (7) years as Governor of the Lynchburg Moose Lodge 715, (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018). Steve also served other Board of Officer positions including 1yr and 3yr Trustee, and Jr Past Governor for six (6) years. Steve also served as Chairman of many Lodge Committees including Moose Charities, Activities, Moose Legion, Ritual, and the Mooseheart/Moosehaven Committee.

Steve became a member of the 25 Club March 2004 having sponsored his 25th member, and was a member of the 25 Club (150 Division), having sponsored his 150th member January 28, 2020.

Steve was honored with the Governors Award of Excellence from Moose International in 2015.

Videos of the Celebration of Life and Tribute for Pilgrim Brother Stephen G. Elder Sr. as published by Tharp Funeral Home, Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 are posted to the Video Gallery page.

Link to Obituary as posted to Tharp Funeral Home ..... https://tharpfuneralhome.com/funeralpress/stephen-guy-elder-sr/4886/

Steve Elder

Class of 2021

Congratulations to Steve Elder - Conferred with the Pilgrim Degree of Merit at Mooseheart House of God, Saturday, June 5th, 2021.

Additional photos are posted to the Photo Gallery

It is a great honor to be recognized as a Pilgrim of the Order. Only lodge members who have served their lodge, advanced to the Moose legion, and volunteered further are considered for this degree. Generally it is attained only by devoted members who have given many years of service to and for our program. They have volunteered to cook, clean, serve as an officer, mentored others, and been fraternal leaders along the way.

Like the Fellows, the Pilgrims are encouraged to meet and continue to perform good acts to assist our program at all levels of the fraternity. That includes helping to encourage and select good lodge officers, supporting programs of the districts and associations, and rendering what support they are able for our philanthropic cause of serving childhood and old aged.

The official regalia of a Pilgrim include a gold blazer featuring the Pilgrim logo, with coordinated necktie, white shirt, black trousers, and black footwear. It distinguishes them as men of meritorious service to the Order. The degree remains with them for life, as long as both their Lodge and Moose Legion memberships remain in active status.