From the Administrator

posted 06/03/2021

Dear Members,

This will be short and sweet….

Please read the monthly activities page for Junes Events and things of importance.

The merger to One Moose is going well and the questions now all have answers and I personally think once everyone is all situated and more involved, we will be able to work together and make some great things happen around here.

Please again, read the info page. There are some great things that we can all benefit from happening the next few months.

You may have heard about the special election now being held at the Lodge for Treasurer.

The next nominating committee meeting will be June 14th.

The forms are at the bar so just ask a steward for one and fill it out.

On June 28th at 6pm all members that want to run MUST be here for the Nominating Committee interview.

Elections will be July 12th during the regular lodge meeting.

Looking forward to somebody new to step on up and contribute to our lodges prosperity and future.

Scott Jachode


posted 06/03/2021

I am sure that I have missed something here, and I am sorry for that. There has been a few big changes as of late that will make a little time for these type of things. This is not as easy or simple as most people think. As a matter of fact, its not one of my official duties as Administrator, I am responsible for making sure that it gets out. So there you have it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the importance of the members having all the information they need to be able to enjoy the events and support the needs of our community as well as the Lodge and Fraternity.

So, if you do not receive your newsletter in a timely manner and want to know the entertainment line up or food special for the weekend, please do not hesitate to call the lodge..

Also, if you are a handy person with a little free time on your hands every now and then, call me at the office and I can put you in charge of things like touch up painting, hanging pictures, etc. It’s the little things like these that can make a difference.

Thanks again for reading….

posted 02/01/2021

Not a lot to say or be said right at this time.

Many of our family and friends have gotten covid and that has brought the whole ordeal closer to us all and opened our eyes just how important the rules and regulations that have been set in place may not be all malarkey. Its up to us individually, to decide whats right for us and our families.

The only thing that we, as well as other organizations ask is that everyone respect the guidelines that we follow to do our part in keeping our members and their families as safe as we can.

On another note, please take some time to visit your lodge and meet some of the new members and all of the fellow members you may not have seen in a while.

You can also take advantage of some of the new and tasty specials like the wings and hot dog specials.

Thanks for reading and I am going to try hard to stay on track with the newsletters ... Scott Jachode