From the Administrator

posted 12/31/2022


Just wanted to say a few words as we enter into a New Year and leave 2022 behind us. This past year has been the longest decade to ever have flown by ! We have seen many changes in our world and the way we live and do business has been effected, in my humble opinion, negatively. Seems as if everyday tasks have gotten more complicated and time consuming. 2022 was a bit of a turbulent year and required us all to be more diligent and creative in our everyday endeavors. Here at the lodge we have had many different kinds of challenges to overcome such as product acquisition, rising prices, and tax law and charitable gaming legislation and regulation.

I would very much like to take this time to say thank you to our staff, officers and members for banding together and working to make this lodge the best ever.

As few as our staff actually are, they have accomplished more than we could have expected from them. There was not a challenge that was too big or complicated. They met them all head on and got the job done with poise and strength not easily attainable. We have all worked together for many years and have become like one big happy family, you know what that means, not always agreeing or just plain out being a pain in the butt, just like my wife and kids and doggy. I still love them all, especially the doggy, and would not trade them for all the whiskey in Kentucky....

The members have stood by our side and sometimes with a little clarification understood the need for price increases and product changes as well. If it were not for all of you we would have no reason for being who and what we are.

Therefore, as we leave 2022 behind us we can reflect on our achievements and failures and look forward to the promise of a new year, a new beginning, and an opportunity to improve ourselves. Do not make resolutions that are not going to be kept; instead make a promise to focus on your values, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. So, once again I want to thank the employees (staff) of Lynchburg Lodge 715 for making us who we are today. You guys are the best !!

Scott Jachode


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posted 09/29/2021

The Children's Halloween Party, scheduled for Saturday, October 23⋅11:00am – 1:00pm, is changed to a Drive Thru event due to the Covid situation.

Children need to be signed up / registered on a list that is being kept with the Steward in the Social Quarters.

Contact the Steward on Duty or any WOTM Chapter member to register your child or children.

Scott Jachode


posted 08/28/2021

Just a few last minute details…

September is not filled with events but the rest of the year there is plenty of things to do for every body, try to find something to enjoy and don't forget to bring all your family, friends, and anyone else to the lodge events.

October 2nd at 10am to noon we are hosting a very small and short district meeting for the sole purpose of installing new District officers Following that meeting at 2pm we are having a Pilgrim Ceremony for newest Recipient, Brother Steve Elder Sr

If you bump into him anywhere, congratulate him for earning the top honor awarded by Moose International.

October 23 will be the kids Halloween party from 11am to 1pm in the lodge hall.

On October 30th the WOTM will be having a Brunswick Stew Fundraiser to include baked goods and other stuff also...

Scott Jachode


posted 08/16/2021

This past year or so has taken its toll on all of us and it looks like it may not let up any time soon.

If any thing drastic or changes that will effect you, the membership, I assure we will let everyone in on it. There has been a lot of fallout from the Covid Pandemic that has changed the world around us. Please consider some of these changes such as, product – Many items are no longer available and also get replaced by our vendors for other items, Labor – We have tried, as many of you know, bringing in new staffing to assist in the increase in business we are blessed to be experiencing currently.

As you watch the news for what's happening you will have noticed the gradual and sometimes not so gradual changes taking place in the world we were accustomed to. This is the time when an organization such as ours is needed more than ever. We are charged with mentorship of new and existing members in the ways of fraternalism and service to our lodge and community. The Moose has a constitution and in part reads, “ Encourage Tolerance of every kind “- “ Assist their members and their families in time of need” and so on.

Nowhere did I see “ Backstab your fellow members” “ Talk or Create false rumors “ in other words, spend your time at the lodge explaining what everybody is doing wrong and talking behind my back about the rumors you heard like I am a drunk ! Really now.. I hardly drink at all and the funny part is the ones involved are sitting right at the bar..

I have never broke bread with anybody here, I try my best, and am mainly successful in minding my own business, and not judging any one, not my place ... All that needs to be done is Think before you speak .....To whom it may concern...

Scott Jachode


posted 07/05/2021

Dear Members,

This will be short and sweet….

The merger to One Moose is going well and the questions now all have answers and I personally think once everyone is all situated and more involved, we will be able to work together and make some great things happen around here.

It is already starting, the women currently outnumber us in the membership meetings as well as their enthusiasm to jump right in and get involved in events that benefit our lodge..

On June 28th all members that were running for the position of treasurer came to the final nominating committee meeting for an interview by the Board Of Officers. After the interviews, the nominating committee approved candidates Thom Payne, Fran Wade, and Dave Evans for addition to the ballots. The election will be held on July 12th during the Membership Meeting.

Please check out the information for the coming Car Show, Child ID program. ( bring in your child or grand child and we will create a DVD with all vital information that could save a life.

Anyways, that’s all I have.

Heading to Cincinnati Ohio shortly

Scott Jachode


posted 06/03/2021

Dear Members,

This will be short and sweet….

Please read the monthly activities page for Junes Events and things of importance.

The merger to One Moose is going well and the questions now all have answers and I personally think once everyone is all situated and more involved, we will be able to work together and make some great things happen around here.

Please again, read the info page. There are some great things that we can all benefit from happening the next few months.

You may have heard about the special election now being held at the Lodge for Treasurer.

The next nominating committee meeting will be June 14th.

The forms are at the bar so just ask a steward for one and fill it out.

On June 28th at 6pm all members that want to run MUST be here for the Nominating Committee interview.

Elections will be July 12th during the regular lodge meeting.

Looking forward to somebody new to step on up and contribute to our lodges prosperity and future.

Scott Jachode


posted 06/03/2021

I am sure that I have missed something here, and I am sorry for that. There has been a few big changes as of late that will make a little time for these type of things. This is not as easy or simple as most people think. As a matter of fact, its not one of my official duties as Administrator, I am responsible for making sure that it gets out. So there you have it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the importance of the members having all the information they need to be able to enjoy the events and support the needs of our community as well as the Lodge and Fraternity.

So, if you do not receive your newsletter in a timely manner and want to know the entertainment line up or food special for the weekend, please do not hesitate to call the lodge..

Also, if you are a handy person with a little free time on your hands every now and then, call me at the office and I can put you in charge of things like touch up painting, hanging pictures, etc. It’s the little things like these that can make a difference.

Thanks again for reading….

posted 02/01/2021

Not a lot to say or be said right at this time.

Many of our family and friends have gotten covid and that has brought the whole ordeal closer to us all and opened our eyes just how important the rules and regulations that have been set in place may not be all malarkey. Its up to us individually, to decide whats right for us and our families.

The only thing that we, as well as other organizations ask is that everyone respect the guidelines that we follow to do our part in keeping our members and their families as safe as we can.

On another note, please take some time to visit your lodge and meet some of the new members and all of the fellow members you may not have seen in a while.

You can also take advantage of some of the new and tasty specials like the wings and hot dog specials.

Thanks for reading and I am going to try hard to stay on track with the newsletters ... Scott Jachode