From the President

updated 06/03/2021

Brothers and Sisters

There’s a lot of misinformation going around about the new meeting agendas. While there may be changes regarding the setup of the room there is still an opening and closing prayer as well as the 9 O’clock ceremony and endowment collection.

All of the usual business is still conducted. I wonder how many of those piping up actually attend meetings on a regular basis anyway? Maybe if more people would attend meetings they would be more informed to the actual facts instead of the gossip and word of mouth misinformation.

Our lodge is like a wagon. If too many people want a free ride and there’s no one left to pull it… we go nowhere.


Gregory Kirby


updated 02/01/2021

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Remember your mask and practice social distancing.

Also please remember when you sign a quest in, you are responsible for your guest.

Anything that guest does while here, you are responsible for. There have been guests that have been signed in and are not following rules. Their behavior while in the lodge reflects back on you and they, along with you can be barred.

We want to keep everyone safe and happy.

No dancing on the dance floor at this time due to the Covid. Please respect this, this is from the Governor of Virginia.

We still need volunteers at Bingo. If you can help on a Sunday or Wednesday please let me or Patty Bryant know.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day


Your Governor Daniel Viar